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Colourbox is a specialist in cloud-based compliance solutions for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), call and screen recording, and performance improvement

Card Payments secured by PayMondiale

PCI-DSS compliance provides significant challenges to many businesses, both large and small. Whether you are a small plumbing company or a large insurance services provider, if you take card payments, as a merchant you have to show that you comply with PCI-DSS. The Standard has 243 numbered requirements and 330 testing requirements that all merchants must meet. Colourbox’s PayMondiale cloud-based service removes almost all of compliance overhead on your business, eliminates entirely any risk of fraud involved in Card Not Present (CNP) transactions, and drastically reduces your costs to your Merchant Service Provider.

Call and Screen Recording

Many companies have a compelling business requirement for call recording. With our long history in this space we are able to provide call and screen recording as either a premise-based solution or as a cloud-based managed service. To keep your calls safe, we use unsurpassed levels of security, including a unique 256-bit AES encryption key for every call as standard, and TLS messaging between all components. A managed call recording service removes the overhead of administering the solution and, by default, provides a built in disaster recovery solution. We proactively monitor the service, resolving many problems before users are even aware of them, so minimising any impact upon the business. This level of service is a standard part of the solution and is a major differentiator.

As options we can offer a fully-featured Quality Monitoring and Reporting module to help improve agent performance. We can also provide high-quality stereo-recording and metadata output for you to use with any speech analytics solution.

Please speak to us if you need to:

  • Secure your card payment transactions
  • Eliminate entirely card payment fraud
  • Reduce your PCI Compliance overhead by 87%
  • Make better use of call content to improve the performance of your contact centre
  • Meet new compliance regulations such as those for PCI-DSS and mobile phone recording
  • Give you Team Leaders more time to coach agents and drive achievement
  • Dramatically improve the value for money of your recording requirements by only paying for what you use